Song about the sea

OpenSea Team loves the sea!

Comfortable atmosphere in the team, open and transparent communications as well as trusted relationships make work to be more than just a job. In this case, it is called "the job is done with a soul." This is how we build OpenSea! And when we get positive feedback and see the users’ growth along with the increase in the intensity of the added positions, our soul sings.

How is this?

We decided to find it out and, during our scheduled Friday meeting, we asked the leading members of our team about the sea song that inspires them. We didn’t surprise our guys and some of them even named several songs off the bat. We exchanged even more among each other through the music and decided to share this interplay with you.

We hope we could inspire you as well.

Fair Winds and Following Seas!
The Team of OpenSea.pro

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