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What we are working on right now and other amazing ideas.

At the moment, we keep on improving OpenSea in order to create more opportunities and help professionals in shipping industry become more effective and spent less time on browsing useless offers or searching new clients.

We've started working on analytics.
By utilizing the market analytics tools, you will be able to trace the current level of rates in each segment. All available freight market trends will give you proper transparency for making the correct decisions.

Simple comparison of few positions.
From now on, you will have an opportunity to compare several interesting positions and choose the most attractive one. Thus, the efficiency of your work substantially increases. You will have a choice between viewing all the available positions on the map or a simple table format.

Easiest and quickest search.
In the near future we are going to introduce a function for cargo or vessel search in the mode of free inquiry. It will allow you not to be limited to the available simple filters, but create unique inquiries and find something special.

Direct document exchange.
You don't need to switch between fax, mail or skype any more, nor to worry whether your message reached the recipient. Just send a final recap or ship’s documents or whatever you need in a single chat. All important data will be saved and they are always available in your conversation history.

Improved users ratings.
We completely adopt the motto "My word is my bond" and we understand that reputation of each professional is the most valuable asset. Therefore, we encourage you to place feedback of your counter-party in their profile. The higher ratings you have, the stronger is your chance to find new clients and get the best offer.

More opportunities are awaiting for you and you should only select those you really need!

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