Release 2

New release - OpenSea v.2.0

As the world becomes technologically advanced, we are helping you work wherever you are and with any device you have in hand. The main goal of the current release and all future improvements is the transition from a solid website to a Single Page Application (SPA) which is much better utilized by modern devices like tablets and smartphones. With this release, we accomplished 97 tasks including bug-fixes, improvements and UI/UX changes to speed-up ship chartering and make it highly organized, easier and smarter. We have also upgraded the main page with map and filters. As a result, you experience higher stability and better performance when using the system.

The most important new feature is the open enquiry search, which is easier and faster. It will allow you to go beyond our simple but smart filters, create a unique inquiry and find something special (for example: part cargo).

Another cool feature is the ability to view and compare actual positions in a table format. It allows you to browse actual positions in a particular port, region, or the entire world. From now, it is also a place to compare your starred findings, which are always on top of the list. Even a short look will give you enough information to understand with whom you should get in touch immediately.

We really trust that we are making your work better and more efficient. So try our service and give us your feedback. Together, we can make improvements faster.

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