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Advantages of ship chartering with

Online shipping market without spam or excess risk, with freight analytics and the ability to conduct comfortable negotiations, form a charter and store work history and contract information in one place — that's!

It is the new state of the market in which there is no more room for obsolete and unproductive features. Each user is the real person and each position is the real opportunity for cooperation. Being registered in the system, you don't leave the comfortable environment of your work, but only overcome the barriers of the current market. The key principle of the OpenSea team: to work with honesty and operate in a transparent and reliable manner. Same principles apply in the essence of the web-application. We also share and truly believe in the main principle of the chartering society: “My word is my bond.”

What is particularly different in our web-app, as compared with other tools and software?

Entry into the world freight market in a few minutes.
Only 2 minutes are required for registration and 3 minutes for position placement — then you are connected with the worldwide market. The most interesting begins with the simple position placement. With our convenient add-forms everything goes smooth and quick! As soon as you've placed your position, the web-application starts monitoring the world freight market every second and the result won't make you wait long. Even if the suitable position hasn't appeared yet, as soon as it appears you’ll receive an email notification and you will be ready for instant fixing. We have made everything to let you spend less time for daily operations such as browsing hundreds of messages with positions for seeking the one you really need. By the way, when opening a position, the template gets saved, so next time you may use it to open a new position in just a few seconds.

Now the market can be viewed.
Web-application shows the actual state of the world freight market: open positions at any port and region of the world are displayed on the map. The mapping makes it possible for users not only to find a matching ship or cargo, but also quickly estimate the balance of supply and demand both in an interesting region and a concrete port. Colour identification accelerates this process:
Red — higher supply (more offers)
Yellow — the balance of supply and demand is close to parity
Green — demand is higher, it is the best market state for you.
You can filter it according to your own size & dates.

Trends and operational statistics of the freight market.
We reduce the main market risks by means of transparency and efficiency of analytical information. The supply and demand statistics, volumes, cost of transportation and other market dynamics are available both at the level of a concrete port and the whole region. There's no need any more to spend valuable time searching for important indicators through tons of data. All you need is near at hand, available in OpenSea. First of all, quick data and trends are calculated according to completed fixtures close to the inquired period. Secondly, you are always aware of the current freight ideas of the available shipments in any segment or region.

Choose the most appropriate route.
Our web-application supports both simple and complex routes. For the Charterer the options of loading and discharging are provided. Shipowners can specify several ports within a route and get all available cargoes for the given dates. The more points you give, the more possibilities you have to find suitable cargoes. Though it is still easy to browse and choose more alternatives.

Get rid of spam.
With our intelligent search system you’ll get only matching positions and offers. Initially, all positions in the web-application do not disclose private information. The offer can be received only from the user with a position suitable to you. Prior starting firm negotiations you can view the counterparty's profile, thus your contact details will only be available after your initial interest and reply. From now on, you receive only firm offers that result in higher efficiency and saving of time.

Security isn't just a word for us.
We treat reliability and security of work in the web-app with very high responsibility. We never transfer personal data to any third parties. Your contact information, mailing list and all data on the placed positions are available only to you. All users have transparent reputation that considerably reduces risk to enter negotiations with an incompetent partner. Each successful transportation becomes a brick of your brand..

From now on, your market has no limits & new clients are waiting for you.

We keep constantly improving and developing new features. New convenient tools and great opportunities are coming soon!

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