5 problems of chartering market

You also have at least three of them, I bet!

So many men, so many opinions. But there are always common problems and solutions. Our mission was to understand which processes of daily chartering work are most complex and painful. An online survey was prepared and we are now happy to share its results with you.

86 respondents from 29 countries

While certain kind of problems are relevant to Charterers (find suitable vessel) or Shipowners (search for higher freight), even Shipbrokers experience their own personal issues (separate and match cargo offers with vessels). However, all market participants experience a lot of common issues. Some of them are even trying to find solutions in w.w.web. We will also tell you about such kind of solutions below.

Here is some information about participants of our survey.

63% have this problem 54% have this problem Half of respondents has this problem 47% have this problem 42% have this problem

The figure shows the five most prominent problems. Among these five, three problems are likely to bother every chartering professional:
— monitoring of current market & trends
— regular search for new clients
— need to be constantly online.

From time to time you find new prospective clients, but who can guarantee their good reputation? Such risk can be avoided only by careful investigation, yet it can cause some difficulties.

Another problem, which is increasing along with your experience, is the overcrowded mailbox. As soon as you are always searching for new clients, new markets e.t.c., finally you are building a mailing list. And when it is really long, you are getting hundreds of emails daily. Of course you can say something like: «Hold on, this is inevitable evil in nature of my work». But what if not?

Usually, when we find a problem, there are two possible ways to handle it: forget it or try to solve it. Ok, I’m going to solve it. Where am I searching for a solution first? In World Wide Web. Exactly! We asked our respondents, if they are using this option:

47% - yes, but without success

Apparently, the percentage of professionals who registered on some chartering market platforms is very low. Moreover, we wonder «are they satisfied with such websites?» Not likely. Should we ask them — why?
Instead of it, we suggested: «Imagine that you can create an online marketplace for chartering professionals. Which features would you choose? Please rank them in order of importance».

First is online messenger

This figure shows which features were chosen

We would love if you drew your conclusions and shared them in the comments.

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You may even take part in our next survey right now. We are going to find out which charter party proformas are most popular and will start working on a Charter-party-creation-tool. So it could help you save more time for your personal life.

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